Cloud Workflow

Sample of PDF Generation: Notice of Past Due Rent

Sample: Notice of Past Due Rent

Entry screen of business data (Workflow screen)

PDF document inserted business data (Auto-generated PDF)

Red letters indicate data that is inserted.* Letters will be displayed in black when using “PDF Form” downloaded from below.



  1. Source file from which “PDF Form” will be created: [ Notice-of-past-due-rent-en-20120821.source.docx ]
  2. “PDF Form” which is the template of PDF documents: [ Notice-of-past-due-rent-en-20120821.form.pdf ]
  3. Process Archive, base for designing business process: [ Notice-of-past-due-rent-en-20120821.base.qar ]
Refer to the following page about how to use.- [Auto Event] To Setup Automatic Generation of PDF Forms


Screenshot / Appendix

[Process Data Item setting screen]