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[Efficient Modeling] To Change addresses from Testing to in Bulk

In testing a Process Model (Workflow definition), destination address of the "Throwing Message Intermediate Event" may be set 'Test addresses'.  To change multiple destination addresses for production run in bulk, [Profile] in [Variables Setting] feature is used.

Overview of Bulk Settings Change Feature

There are some cases that in the time of designing Process model or test running it, and the Model has multiple “Throwing Message Intermediate Event”, Tentatively set as destination addresses, and change them collectively for production run. You can switch destination addresses in bulk by preparing ‘Test Profile’ and ‘Production run Profile’ in “Variables Setting Feature”.

Variables Setting Feature is to manage strings such as email address and URL by Variables name. You can switch profile easily if multiple Profiles had been set.


To Prepare Destination Addresses as Variables Name

To Display Variables Setting screen, click [Variables Setting] button on top of Process Modeler. Enter “Destinations of Sales order mail” into [Variables] , and “” into [Profile]. Those settings enable to set ‘To’ or ‘Cc’ of as ‘${var[Destinations of Sales order mail]}’.

To Prepare Multiple Variables to be Use

With definitions of two variables which are ‘Mail sending addresses’ and ‘Mail Subject’, you can use variables of ${var[Mail sending addresses]} and ${var[Mail Subject]} in “Throwing Message Intermediate Event”


To Prepare ‘Value’ of Variables to be Switched

We suppose two scene, ‘Testing Setting’ and ‘Production run Setting’. Set each scene as ‘profile’. Setup ‘Value’ of all variables in each Profile.


To Set Destination Email Address in ‘Variables Name’

To setup in ‘Throwing Message Intermediate Event’ using ‘Variables’. Select ‘Variables’ in the pull-down list of [Embed Command?], then click [Copy To Clipboard] and Paste it where you use it.

*These “Variables” is replaced with the value that is specified in the Variables Setting when the process is operated. When multiple profiles are configured, the variables is replaced with the specified value by the selected profile.


To Switch Profiles

To select profile is in [Variables Setting]. Change in the pull-down of ‘Selected Profile’ in upper part of the screen. In this example, ${var[Mail sending addresses] is replaced when ‘Testing Setting’ profile is selected, and when ‘Production run Setting ‘ is selected, it replaced with .

*Changes of ‘Variables’ and ‘Profiles’ would not be reflected until the process Model is activated. (‘Variables’ and ‘Profile’ settings can not be changed without changing version of the Process Model.)