Cloud Workflow

[Rule] To Describe ‘Work manual’, Explanation of the Entire Flow

Operational Administrators can describe and edit "Work Manual" which is a description of the entire Workflow, and general workers can refer to the "Work Manual" from each operation screen.


‘Work Manual’ is ‘a statement about Entire Workflow’.
For example, operators can refer the regulations of Leave from each operating screen in Leave Request flow.
* [Guide Panel] is used to describe ‘processing manual for handling each step’ instead.


You can open the Work manual from Detail, Operate Task, (Process Model) Detail screen.


You must have Process Model Editor authorization to edit the Work Manual.
For authorized person, [Edit Work Manual] button on Work Manual screen is enabled. Editing screen will be shown by clicking on it.


In addition to HTML tags, Markdown Notation can also be used to edit the Work Manual.

Markdown Notation is a simplified markup language which will be converted to HTML.

Markdown Inputs
# Level 1 Heading
## Level 2 Heading
### Level 3 Heading
#### Level 4 Heading
Outputs markdown01-en
Markdown Inputs
The quick 
brown fox 

jumps over 
the lazy dog
Outputs markdown02-en
Line Break
Markdown Inputs
The quick˽˽
brown fox

jumps over˽˽
the lazy dog
Outputs markdown06-en
Markdown Inputs
* Unordered lists
    * Indent with 4 spaces for nesting
* Another unordered lists

1. Ordered lists item
2. Another ordered lists
Outputs markdown03-en
Code Blocks
Markdown Inputs
`Enclose with Back Quotes for single line`

    public static void main(String[] args) {
      System.out.println("Indent with 4 spaces for multiple lines.");
Outputs markdown04-en
Block Quotes
Markdown Inputs
Thomas Edison quotation
> Genius is one per cent inspiration, ninety-nine per cent perspiration.
Outputs markdown05-en
Markdown Inputs
Welcome to [Questetra BPM Suite]( "Cloud-based Workflow")
Outputs markdown07-en
Markdown Inputs
This sentence is **Emphasized**.
Outputs markdown08-en