Struggling with Improvement on Quotation Approval Flow; Occurrence of Duplication of effort

Burden increased despite improvement?

Hi, there!


One sales manager (that’s me) is currently struggling to improve “Quotation approval flow”!


It was good to start improving the flow of quotation approval, but after improvement in this article, I hear words of complaint from salespersons sporadically?…saying “their burden has increased!”


Although supposed to have been improved, “Duplication of effort” problem occurred


The cause of discontent was “Duplication of effort” for data entry. That is, they have to type the same thing several times. A salesperson is required to enter customer name, and total amount, etc. into a spreadsheet to create a Quotation file. A salesperson is required to enter customer name, and total amount, etc. to create a Quotation file, first into a spreadsheet, then the same things into the operating screen of the Quotation approval flow.



Previously, only those requiring approval were flowed to the approval flow, but as a result of improvement in “Quotation approval flow -Auto-determine of necessity-“, all quotation Issues had to flow. It unexpectedly resulted increase of burden which is Duplication of effort.


There is no choice but to automatically generate Quotations!


In order to avoid the “Duplicate effort” problem, you have to devise to use data in various scenes once those have entered.


However, in order to properly operate the Quotation approval flow, it is absolutely necessary to enter the company name and amount, etc. into the screen for approval request at the time of application, in addition to the Quotation file. Considering about using it for searching and data aggregation, I don’t want to eliminate inputting data on the requesting screen.


Whereas, a Quotation file to be submitted to customer must be created by entering data that the same as entered into requesting screen, into spreadsheet or so.


I suppose that the solution is one of the following.


  • To let a Quotation file to be automatically generated based on the data entered on the requesting screen of the Quotation approval flow
  • To let the Quotation approval flow automatically start when a Quotation file is created


I want to solve the “Duplication of effort” problem with the first method above (the Quotation file to be automatically generated), but I will write about that story in the next article.







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