v8.3.0 2012-01-11: More Flexible Allocation Ever with The New Concept of “Role”

Definition of “Role” such as Positions of Director or Manager, cross-organizational Project team that , or In-house sport club, are available. Different from “Group”, “Role” can be defined freely because it doesn’t have ‘Hierarchical structure’.

“Role”, as a matter of course, can be used for Allocation Rule.  Furthermore, using both of “Group” and “Role”, such allocation is possible as ‘Member of X project who belongs to Sales section’.

Since the appearance of “Role”, we are going to call “Organization” for conventional “Group”, because it represents the actual organization which has Hierarchical structure.

Date Release

Normal User : Workflow

  • Added a new Google gadget for checking the number of [My Tasks] in Co-worker’s (other member in the same group). (labs)
  • Adjusted [Task Execute] screen design
  • Support automatic Hyperlink function in String / Discussion type data of process data item in [Process Detail] screen.
  • Improved indication of information about process in [Process Detail], [Task Execute] and [Process data Editting] screen.
  • Changed indication of Message Throwing Intermediate Event in Process Diagram in [Process Detail].
  • Improved menu screen for Smart-phone.
  • Clearly display the page with the input error in [Task Execute] screen for Smart-phone.
  • Fixed following Bugs
    • URL in String type data item (single line) has not been Hyper-linked at [Task Execute] screen for Smart-phone.
    • Failure to attach File type data to Message Throwing Intermediate Event (Mail) if the file was too large.
    • To download list of search result of processes in CSV format at [All Process Record], the result is displayed on Browser (Safari).

Normal User : Task Feed (In-house SNS)

  • Add [Good! on everyone] which shows messages / comments that voted lot of [Good!] in certtain period.
  • Enabled “Good!” from Smart-phone.
  • Include URL for Smart-phone in Notification Mail.
  • Attached URL for Smart-phone to Notification Mail from Task.
  • Disables to access to private network from the link registering access.
  • Fixed following Bugs
    • Error occurs and not indicate Search Result when the result includes comment which inserted ‘Link’ and given “Good!”
    • Search result ends in the middle of its way when a post that is given more than six [Good!] is included.
    • Group Timeline Data become incorrect when a message targeted to Group, and includes mention to the group is posted.
    • Messages / comment of the past may not be displayed in the search result on Task Feed after system rebooting for upgrade, etc. if there were messages / comments which has not been posted even file had attached.
    • Move to page top when clicking on ‘More’ in Android devices.

Workflow Designer

  • Added “Role”, support usage of it in Allocation Rule.
  • Enable to specify [Member in upper Group] [Leader of upper Group] in Relative specification of Allocation Rule using swimlane.
  • Support multiple Table type data.
  • Indicate number at columns in Table type data, for being specified by Arithmetic expression.
  • Unify interfaces of “Using Variables” and “Embed data” in setting screen of Message Throwing Intermediate Event (Mail).
  • Improved Tool-tip in setting screen of Message Throwing Intermediate Event (Mail).
  • Changed display layouts of the table in the Process model detaile screen.
  • Changed Hyper-link for Manual to ‘Tour’ page, our new content.
  • Fixed following Bugs
    • Edit button cannot click in Select type data item when the name of the choise is too long.
    • When Table type data item is used then new data item is added, indication of the page may not be the last page.

System Administrator

  • Add Management function to define “Role” and enable to allocate with it.
  • Changed the name “Group” to “Organization”.
  • Internationalized Process logs and System logs.
  • Enable to display Process logs and System logs on date range specification

System Engineer

  • Nothing